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Lanesboro Ambulance 2018

Lanesboro Ambulance 2019

The Volunteer Ambulance Department is headed by Ambulance Director Deane Benson.

Crew Members:

Brent Anderson, Jasmine Applen, Brian Baskett, Lisa Benson, Erica Draper, Ken Graner, Creighton Horihan, Autumn Johnson, Hyatt King, Shaune Luck, Lolly Melander, Paul Peterson, Jon Pieper, Mike Willford, Bruce Nelson, and Ben Hungerholt.

The City of Lanesboro is proud to have its own Volunteer Ambulance Department.

In 2003 the Ambulance Department separated from the Fire Department and became its own entity. They are always on call and ready to help those that need them. Each and every member is trained in life saving skills and is willing to help when they are needed!

The Lanesboro Ambulance covers the following surrounding areas besides the City of Lanesboro: City of Whalan, Holt Township, Carrolton Township, Preble Township, Amherst Township, Norway Township, Pilot Mound Township and Arendahl Township. The City is very proud to have an active ambulance, a group of individuals that everyone can rely on in time of need.

From Director Deane Benson:

The Lanesboro Ambulance Service was established in 1969 and was part of the Lanesboro Fire Department until 1999. When the ambulance separated from the Fire Department, the city of Lanesboro reached out to the public for volunteers in hopes of continuing a well-established and much appreciated service. While several firemen continued to be part of the ambulance service, volunteers stepped up, completed the required training and the service continued on without interruption. Since then there have been several members who have served as EMT'S, retired or moved on. This small group of volunteers covers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The service averages about 90 calls a year with three EMT’s/EMR’s going on each call. I'm asking on behalf of the Lanesboro Ambulance Emergency Service and the City of Lanesboro for anyone interested in volunteering to send an email to

Deane Benson, Director Lanesboro Ambulance

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