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City of Lanesboro Minnesota

Mayor and City Council

The Council oversees all administrative functions of the city. The council is responsible for setting tax levies along with implementing a yearly budget, appointing all members of all affiliated committees, boards and commissions, and implementing and upholding all ordinances and regulations for which the City must follow.

The City of Lanesboro is a statutory, plan A, fourth class city of Minnesota with a weak mayor-council. Therefore, it is governed by four council members and a mayor. Council members have 4 year terms and the mayor has a two year term. Every even year an election occurs for which the mayor is up for reelection and two council members are up for reelection. 

2019 Lanesboro City Council:

Name Title Email Term Expires
Jason Resseman Mayor

Autumn Johnson Council Member 2022
Chase Bakke Council Member 2022
Tom Smith Council Member 2020
Bridget Harvey Council Member 2020

2019 Lanesboro City Council

Tom Smith, Bridget Harvey, Chase Bakke, Jason Resseman, and Autumn Johnson

The Lanesboro City Council meets on the first Monday of each month, 5:30 p.m., at the Lanesboro Community Center Council Chambers.


If you would like to present an idea or concern to the City Council please fill out the form below, and submit to the City Office.  Requests must be recieved at least one week in advance of the next scheduled meeting to be considered for that meeting.  For questions please contact City Administrator, Michele Peterson at 507-467-3547 or

Request Agenda Item Form (PDF)


City Council Code of Conduct (PDF)

Commission Member Code of Conduct (PDF)

Conflict of Interest Policy (PDF)



This Municipality is an equal opportunity provider and employer.