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**Meeting minutes are not official, and therefore can not be posted, until the governing board approves them at the following meeting**

Lanesboro City Council

Regular Meeting

Monday, July 1st, 2019

Regular Meeting 6:00 p.m.

City Council Chambers


Present:  Jason Resseman, Autumn Johnson, Bridget Harvey, Tom Smith, and Chase Bakke

Absent:   None

Visitors:  Kirsten Zoellner, Don Bell, Bill Swanson, Vicki McKinney, Steve Sobieniak, Bonita Underbakke, Kate O’Neary, Brigid Tuck, Mikel Wombacher, Amy McCall, Erik Wrede, Vicki Torkelson, Phil Dybing, Sara York, Todd Hook, Ceil Allen, Lori Bakke, Pam Watson, Jon Buggs, Anne Flynn, Elaine Edwards, Don Lukkason, Fred Kiel, Phil and Clorees Haug, Mary Bell, Kara Maloney, Andrzej Zalasinkski, Kirsten Mensink, Jennifer Hawkins, Deane Benson, Sergeant Sass, Julia Borgen, Richard Wolfgramm, and Beret Leone.


Regular Meeting:

Mayor Resseman called the Regular Meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

A.      Agenda:  Member Johnson motioned to approve the agenda with the amendments of: removing item C from Regular Business and adding The Filthy 50 event, Sidewalk repairs, and Amdahl Avenue to Miscellaneous.  Member Harvey seconded the motion.  Motion carried all in favor.

B.      Approval of Minutes:

  1. Minutes of the Regular Meeting, June 3rd, 2019

Member Johnson motioned to approve as submitted.  Member Harvey seconded the motion.  Motion carried all in favor.

 C.      Consent Agenda:

  1. Accounts Payable
  2. Resolution 2019-17 Authorizing Assessment of Unpaid Utility Charges
  3. Ordinance 151.34 Signs

Member Johnson motioned to approve the consent agenda items as submitted.  Member Bakke seconded the motion.  Motion carried all in favor.

Committee Reports:

A.      EDA:  Member Elaine Edwards presented an overview on what the EDA has been working on, as well as a provided an update on the current loans issued by the EDA to local businesses.

B.     Ambulance:  Director Deane Benson stated an interest in focusing on retention as the crew is down to 11 members currently.  Member Smith motioned to approve the $500 per pay period incentive if crew members meet the minimum on call time.  Mayor Resseman seconded the motion.  Motion carried with Mayor Resseman, and Members Harvey, Smith, and Bakke voting in favor.  Member Johnson abstained as she is a member of the ambulance crew.

Senior Housing Economic Impact Presentation:  Brigid Tuck from the University of Minnesota Extension Office provided the presentation.

Regular Business:

A.      Roberts Rules of Order:  Member Smith motioned to adopt the current version of Roberts Rules of Order.  Member Johnson seconded the motion.  Further discussion was had as to why this should be considered as well that the Mayor would generally interpret and discrepancies.  Motion carried all in favor.

B.      Committee Applications:

1.       HPC:  Attorney Manion noted that according to State Statute applicants need to be a resident of the City of Lanesboro.  Member Johnson motioned to appoint Kate O’Neary.  Mayor Resseman seconded the motion.  Motion carried all in favor.

2.       LPU:  Member Smith motioned to appoint Jon Pieper to the Lanesboro Public Utilities.  Member Harvey seconded the motion.  Motion carried all in favor.

C.      Continued Business:

1.       1992 Vacation of a portion of Auburn Avenue:  Attorney Manion noted that in order for the Council to take any action there would need to be a petition.  No further action was taken.

2.       Smartpak Automatic Compactors:  Member Harvey motioned to support the installation of three units for the remainder of this year and for next year.  Mayor Resseman seconded the motion.  Member Johnson noted inquiring with the businesses to help remove the trash if they begin to overflow.  The motion failed with Mayor Resseman and Member Harvey voting in favor, and Members Smith, Johnson, and Bakke voting no.

3.       Parking on Auburn Avenue:  Administrator Peterson noted comments from residents not in favor of one side parking on the section of road between Whittier and Highway 16.  Discussion was had that there was not a significant amount of parking further south on Auburn, and therefore the Council did not intend to look at that area further for no parking.  A suggestion was made to look at no parking for the first 20 ft on the west side of Auburn Avenue at the Hwy 16 intersection.  This would allow for more visibility.  Administrator Peterson will visit with the Police Department for their input, discussion will be continued next month.

D.      Miscellaneous:

1.       The Filthy 50:  Member Johnson motioned to approve the traffic control plan and the street closure.  Member Bakke seconded the motion.  Motion carried all in favor.

2.       Sidewalk Repairs:  Member Johnson motioned to call a hearing for the proposed sidewalk assessments.  Member Harvey seconded the motion.  Motion carried all in favor.

3.       Amdahl Avenue:  Member Johnson motioned to approve naming the drive into the ballfield Amdahl Avenue.  Member Bakke seconded the motion.  Motion carried all in favor.  The sign will be unveiled on Saturday, August 3rd at noon, the family will be present as well.

E.       Primary Allegations:  Don Bell requested the meeting remain open to the public.  Attorney Manion explained that it was not Mr. Bell’s opinions, however his actions that were a concern.  Proper protocol must be followed by commission members.  Mr. Bell then read aloud a statement he had prepared.

Next Meeting:  Monday, August 5th, 2019 at 6:00 p.m.

ADJOURN: Member Johnson moved to adjourn at 7:18 p.m. Motion seconded by Member Harvey.  Motion Carried all in favor.

Respectfully Submitted, 

Michele Peterson, City Administrator/Clerk



This Municipality is an equal opportunity provider and employer.