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City of Lanesboro Minnesota

Economic Development Authority

The EDA works to advance the economic development of the City.

In 1992, the Lanesboro City Council established an Economic Development Authority (EDA). The City had a desire to encourage, attract, promote and develop industry and commerce within the city for the prevention of unemployment and to provide for increased economic opportunity for the citizens of the City. Therefore, the City established the EDA to plan, promote and develop a program for the economic development of the City.

Duties of the EDA are as follows:

  • To confer with and advise the City Council and Planning Commission on all matters concerning the industrial and commercial development of the City.
  • To publicize, with the consent of the Council, the industrial and commercial advantages and opportunities of the City.
  • To collect data and information as to the type of industries and commerce best suited for the City.
  • To periodically survey the overall condition of the City from the standpoint of determining whether the City is a healthy environment for industry and to determine the general receptiveness of the city, or any portion thereof, to a particular type of industry.
  • To publicize information as to the general advantages of industrial and commercial development in the community.
  • To cooperate with all industries and businesses in the City and in the solution of any City related problems which they may have, and to encourage the expansion, development and management of such industries and business so as to promote the general welfare of the City.
  • To coordinate city-wide in the undertaking of necessary surveys and studies in the furtherance of commercial and industrial development.
  • To aid the City Council and Planning Commission in the proper zoning and orderly development of areas suitable for industrial and commercial development.
  • To develop, compile, coordinate and publicize information such as, but not limited to, the following:
    • Existing industrial and commercial concerns within the city
    • Available industrial and commercial sites
    • Available buildings for industrial and commercial operations
    • Transportation facilities
    • Electric power available
    • Fuels available for industrial and commercial use
    • Sewage disposal facilities
    • Water supply facilities
    • Community facilities such as fire, police & educational
    • Recreational facilities
    • Going wage rates in the city for the trades, skilled and semi-skilled and white collar workers¬†
    • Availability of labor
    • General community and regional attitudes toward industrial and commercial expansion, development and attraction
    • Programs of communities in regards to industrial and commercial expansion, development and attraction
  • To recommend to the City Council and Planning Commission policies and particular actions in regards to industrial and commercial expansion development and attractions.
  • To use the facilities of the Minnesota Department of Trade and Economic Development and use the facilities of other governmental agencies, State and Federal, as indicated in the accomplishment of the Commission's objectives.
  • To cooperate and coordinate with the local Chamber of Commerce and local lending institutions in defining available property and assembling financing packages for commercial and industrial prospects.

Lanesboro Revolving Loan Fund Policy (PDF)

Committee Application Form (PDF)

Board Members:

Elaine Edwards - President

City Administrator - Treasurer

Tom Smith - Vice President (Council Member)

David Gray

Phil Dybing

Heidi Dybing

Regular meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in the Lanesboro Community Center, lower level meeting room.  Any additional meetings will be posted on the city calendar.





This Municipality is an equal opportunity provider and employer.