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Planning and Zoning: Do I need a building permit?

If you are changing the exterior of your property, yes you do need a permit. Projects that are simply replacing do require a permit, however there is no charge for the permit. Permit fees are based upon the total cost of the project:Up to $500 - $10.00

$501 - $3,000 - $20.00

$3,001 - $10,000 - $50.00

$10,000 - $30,000 - $100

over $30,000 -$200

Campground: Do you take reservations?

No we do not take reservations, it is on a first come basis.

Campground: Do you take credit cards?

At this time we do not accept credit cards.  There is a board at the enterance of each campground that shows the directions for payment - we accept personal checks and cash.

Campground: Is there a dump station?

Yes, the dump station is located behind the bathhouse in Sylvan Park.

Campground: Can firewood be brought into the park?

No, all firewood must be purchased here in Lanesboro.

Campground: Are there showers?

Yes, the showers are located in the bathhouse in Sylvan Park, as well as in the locker rooms in the community center - all are coin operated.

Public Utilities: When are Utilities bills due?

The Utility Bills are due on the 25th of the month, or the following business day if the 25th falls on a weekend or holiday.

Public Utilities: How is garbage service handled?

We are currently with Advanced Disposal. They provide recycling and garbage carts. There are also bags available for sale at the BP gas station here in Lanesboro for $35.00/10 bags, or individually here at the City Office. If you would like to rent a roll cart for recycling or garbage, you may contact Advanced Disposal directly at 507-281-5850.

Street Project: When did discussions for the Auburn / Zenith Road project begin?

Discussions for completing this road project began in November of 2015.  During a process of evaluating our streets, the Director of Public Works noted the necessity of repairing this stretch of roadway.  It was at this time that staff reached out to our City Financial Advisor, and approximate figures for affordability began to be discussed.

Street Project: How many parcels will this benefit?

There are approximately 63 parcels that are adjacent to Auburn/Zenith that would benefit from this road project.

Public Utilities: Water Treatment Plant?

This was a state mandated project, had we not completed the project there would have been fines assessed against the city.  In working with the engineer on this project the City did apply for as much assistance as possible, we were awarded with principal forgiveness.  The remainder of the project was financed through MN Public Facilities Authority.  The Lanesboro Public Utilities then adjusted water base charges to cover the cost of the financing.  This project is not funded through property taxes.

General: Inspiration Point lookout?

This was a State of MN project; the Lanesboro City Council had no input into the project.  As well the project was not funded by city or county taxes.

Street Project: How will this affect my taxes?

Until the scope of the road project is determined this is a difficult question to answer.  The total amount of the project will be determined once the scope is defined. 

Street Project: Will my taxes double?

In order for taxes to double county, city, and school taxes would also have to double.  As well even for the City tax to double the levy would then have to be doubled to approximately 1.1 million, this option has not been discussed or reviewed by the City Council.

General: Council setting priorities and spending?

The Lanesboro City Council is looking to the future needs of the City.  Last November staff reviewed the current state of the infrastructure, and determined priorities.  From there the Council has continued to work with staff, Lanesboro Public Utilities, the City Financial Advisor, as well as the Engineer in order to properly plan for the needs of the future.  Consistently keeping in mind the citizens of Lanesboro and the affect that the decisions would have on taxes and/or rates.  It can also be noted that based on 2014 tax data from Fillmore County, Lanesboro was in the lower half of tax rates of all cities in Fillmore County.

Campground: When do the Campgrounds close for the season?

We are ultimately dependent on the weather, however we generally try to keep the Campgrounds open through November.  If tempertures begin to near freezing, the water to the facilities will have to be shut off.  We will update our website as the season progresses.

This Municipality is an equal opportunity provider and employer.