Lanesboro Fire Department

Lanesboro Fire Department

In case of an emergency call 911

The City of Lanesboro is proud and honored to have a dedicated Volunteer Fire Department. The Volunteer Fire Department began its roots in 1884! In 1898 it was incorporated under state laws and is now known officially as the Lanesboro Volunteer Fire Department and Aid Association. Currently, the Lanesboro Volunteer Fire Department consists of 18 active members! Each and every one of these members deserve praise and credit for their heroic efforts each and every day.

The Fire Department covers the surrounding area and the cities and townships that they cover are as follows: the City of Lanesboro, the City of Whalan, Holt Township, Carrolton Township, Preble Township, Amherst Township, Norway Township, Pilot Mound Township and Arendahl Township.

Crew Members: Jim Iverson, David Haugen, Ken Graner, Rob Wagner, Ryan Peterson, Jason Harvey, Scott Strom, John Dollar, Tony Semmen, Anthony Schwartz, Mark Lawstuen, Matt Schnebly, Bryan Benson, CJ Peterson, TJ Stettler, Jerod Wagner, Michael Willford, Colin Bakke, Blaine Harmon, Cody Hungerholt and Jeff Norby.

Volunteer Fire Department leadership roles for 2020:

Chief – T.J. Stettler

1st Assistant Chief – Jim Iverson

2nd Assistant Chief – C.J. Peterson

3rd Assistant Chief – Collin Bakke

Secretary – Anthony Schwartz

Training – Mark Lawstuen

Custodians –  TJ Stettler, Bryan Benson, and Anthony Schwartz