Park Department


The Park Department is responsible for maintaining the Park System, the Lanesboro Community Building, Depot Building (Chamber of Commerce), Lanesboro Museum, Softball Field and the Bass Pond Parking. They also manage and maintain the two city campgrounds, one located directly behind the park and one located near the Lanesboro Public School Football Field. The City provides a Community Center that has a gym and dining room/kitchen that are available for rent. They are also responsible for all of the grounds upkeep for our beautiful parks in the City.

The Park Board consists of a five-person board. These members are volunteers and serve a term of three years. This Board has a regular meeting on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 4:30 p.m. in the meeting room at the Lanesboro Community Center lower level. 

Board Members:

Teri Benson, Chair (2023), Rick Darling (2023), Alex Gehrig (2022), Brenda Semmen (2023), and Samantha Hareldson (2022)

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Park Board Committee Agendas

Park board Committee Minutes

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